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‘lectric lover [entries|friends|calendar]
For the fans of Hunter Burgan!

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[04 Aug 2006|12:37am]

Does anyone have any Hunter Revenge works they wouldn't mind uploading for me?

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ahaha [24 Jan 2006|10:33pm]

[ mood | entertained ]

so I was linked to this website where you upload a picture of yourself and it analyzes your face to tell you what celebrities you look the most like. After I got bored with uploading different pictures of myself and being told I look like Katie Holmes, Nicole Kidman, and Rita Hayworth (so sadly untrue) I started uploading pictures of various band members that I have on my computer. One of them being Hunter.

I guess I never noticed before...
Image hosting by Photobucket

that's David Beckham, by the way.


oh and if you're as bored as I am as often as I am, go here: http://www.myheritage.com/FP/Company/face_recognition.php?s=1&lang=EN and sign up.

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the greatest thing ever [04 Oct 2005|05:48pm]

[ mood | amused ]

this is definitely the best thing ever.

and I believe he made it himself.


he's so awesome. bahaha.

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maybe it's just me... [12 Sep 2005|06:16pm]

[ mood | busy ]

do you ever get the urge to send Hunter messages on myspace telling him how awesome he is? I do. I fear he'd be weirded out though, since he's so "normal guy"ish, so I don't do it.

but yeah, I so often just want to be like, "I was listening to The Art of Drowning earlier and I was just like, 'holy shit, Hunter's awesome.' Then I came on myspace and listened to your Hunter Revenger music and thought, 'this guy is incredible.' I just thought I'd let you know." Yeah.

the end.

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[24 Aug 2005|02:05am]

[ mood | sore ]

Okay guys, a community isn't much fun if no one is willing to post or even give a little 'fjfgfgjh' every now and then. So PLEASE! post something, anything. Just so I know you're all breathing.

Well here's a little article a found a few days back that I found rather interesting. Check it!


-Your loving ship captain

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Quick Note [20 Aug 2005|08:33am]

[ mood | crazy ]

Just a quick note to let you all know I'll be away for the weekend, and back Monday night. I'd like to see some posts when I get back!

-Your awesome mod

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Jelly Beans and Hunter Revenge [17 Aug 2005|04:03pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

What happens at 4 in the morning while on a jelly beans high while listening to Hunter Revenge? This. Take a look. It is my computers current state.

Read more...Collapse )

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Welcome! [16 Aug 2005|10:39pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Well guys, here it is. hunter__revenge. And welcome to it. The layout was a real bugger, hope you enjoy it. The content to the left (<- the left) will be gradually growing, slowly, but surely. So keep a watch on all that neat stuff.

This post is just for welcoming you all, and I think I've already done that. So I'll leave you guys to it. Just post a hello, news, pictures, fan-art, whatever. As long as it is somewhat related to Hunter.

-your mod

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